My Services

  1. Create a trailer for your book...
    Have you written or are you writing a book and wondering how you will get the word out? Creating a trailer for your book can entice an audience to go buy the book to learn more! Leave your audience asking questions and intrigued to find out more about your story.
  2. Capture your memories...
    Are you celebrating a wedding, milestone birthday, graduation or life itself? Videos can be an invaluable way to capture memories that add to the celebration.
  3. Get attention for your business...
    Are you looking to draw people's attention? These days, visual messages are key to grabbing attention. Use graphics, websites, or short, animated videos to get the word out there in a powerful way!
  4. Bring your passion to life...
    A big part of pursuing your passion is making others aware of it! Personalizing the right graphic can entice an audience to want more information, to follow, like and/or hear to what you have to say or what you are doing. Reach your audience with a visual that represents what your passion is about!
I create the visuals you need to bring your passion to life.  Whether it's a logo, a banner for your website or social media page or a video - I work with you to visually represent what you want others to know about what you are doing or how you are making a difference!  
Express your message, story, product or business in a way that is meaningful to you and/or your audience.
  • Bring attention to what you want to tell your audience
  • Get your audience excited or curious about something  
  • Share collections of memories that generate a connection to those memories for a lifetime 

I work with you to understand YOUR preferences and determine how to make what you are passionate about stand out for your audience.