My Services



Establish a personalized online presence with a website that drives engagement with your product, offering, service or passion. This includes design & development of:

  • Unique Persona
  • Customized Logo, Iconography & Imagery
  • Tailored Website Experience
  • Branded Banners/Thumbnails (for social-media platforms)
  • Targeted Marketing (see also Marketing service)


Social Media Graphics...

It takes less than 1 second to make a first impression! I can create captivating, branded images customized to your needs for your social media accounts. I work with you to personalize your social media messaging in a way that grabs attention, inspires, engages and raises awareness. Good design helps you connect to your clients in a meaningful way, and will help you to get noticed.

  • Branded motivational quotes/messages
  • Banner/Headers
  • Covers
  • Posts
  • Youtube cover/channel art


Business Tools...

For business owners looking to more effectively engage their target audience using professional, engaging, branded, user-friendly business tools. Create continuity of your message with any of the following:

  • PowerPoint
  • Promotional documents
  • Training guides/Checklists
  • Infographics
  • Intranet/Online Communities
  • Editable forms



Motion Graphics Videos communicate your purpose & passion with meaning! Integrate your brand, personal messaging, imagery, etc for:

  • Product Launches
  • Website Personalization
  • Social Media Messaging
  • Podcaster/Author Branding or Introduction
For authors, podcasters or business leaders looking for an impactful way to share their story.



Your logo is what represents your business, your cause, your offering, your product.... your passion! I work with you to understand the story behind what you are branding, your preferences, your purpose and your passion to express that in a meaningful, personalized logo.

I create the visuals you need to bring your passion to life. Whether it's a logo, a banner for your website or social media page or a video - I work with you to visually represent what you want others to know about what you are doing or how you are making a difference! Express your message, story, product or business in a way that is meaningful to you and/or your audience.

  • Bring attention to what you want to tell your audience
  • Get your audience excited or curious about something
  • Share collections of memories that generate a connection to those memories for a lifetime

I work with you to understand YOUR preferences and determine how to make what you are passionate about stand out for your audience.